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The typical user of® logs on to their company's intranet, the Internet or® to place orders online. They select "Place an Order," and images of their company's business cards or other imprinted items appear. They then select an item and the quantity needed.

Depending on the company's stationery standards, optional fields may be available, such as email addresses or additional phone numbers. After entering their information, they are prompted to select delivery instructions. Their company may give them the option to supply their own ship-to address, select from a preloaded list of addresses, or a standard default shipping address may be used. They also may be asked to select a shipment method if their company does not define one. Their company may require they also enter a purchase order, department code or other data. Then, they click the "Next" button to review the online composed preview of the product they have ordered to confirm that the order is correct. If corrections are required, they click on the "Make Changes" button; if not, they select the "Send My Order" button to complete the order process. Completed orders may be held for review/authorization/approval or sent directly to the printer to be printed and shipped. There are many options available to create an approval control system that is a facsimile of your internal system.® Order Placement

Estimated minimum time is less than 24 hours for typesetting, plus 1-3 days to print and deliver.
1. Place order online
2. Instantly view the online proof
3. Change or approve the online proof
4. Submit the order to production
5. Order is printed and delivered

Traditional Printing Order Placement

Estimated minimum time is three days for typesetting, plus several days to print and deliver.
1. Customer provides drawing copy or sample
2. Copy is typeset
3. Proof is faxed to customer
4. Customer reviews proof
5. Customer needs to make changes
6. 2nd Proof is faxed to customer
7. Customer reviews proof again
8. Customer faxes approval of proof
9. Order is printed and delivered

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