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Consolidated Billing & Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

For large, multi-location accounts, we offer customized Consolidated Billing (summary billing). The advantage is that the customer will only have to reconcile one complete invoice rather than a stack of invoices from several sources. We can collect almost any information you want from the end user at the time the order is placed on®. We then receive additional order information from the production plant and send this combined data or a summary of this data to you electronically. Data can be summarized and sent to you weekly containing information for any orders completed the prior period.

We can use field names specified by you and create an output file which can be customized to fit your needs. Fields can be required (no blank information allowed) or optional. Data can be collected and/or controlled at various levels, such as including if a field is transmitted with the same information for anyone at a certain level of your company, or if each end user can enter any value they would like. Our EDI solution is able to be configured with customized collectible fields and output formats to fit your needs. Major changes in the current process offerings are possible, but may require individual evaluation for feasibility, costs and time frame.

The Benefits of Consolidated Billing:

  • Billing information from our production plants is combined and one invoice produced.
  • Invoice format can be hard copy or electronic and customized to customer specs.
  • The billing cycle is weekly and runs from Friday to Thursday.
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