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Easily Create Templates with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator® for Windows is a gold standard application used by the majority of graphic designers. We have developed Template Designer to take advantage of Illustrator’s plug-in technology. Template Designer is a complete design studio within Illustrator.

Template Designer is revolutionary in the power it provides to the business stationery buyer. It is also in constant evolution, a mature plug-in improved with over 20 upgraded versions. There are always more features coming to Template Designer.

Template Designer is a powerful tool orderprinting®.com's plants use to make the creation of business stationery templates a snap.

For example, to make a new business card template, simply:

  1. Select File New Template
  2. Choose ink colors (ether spot or process color)
  3. Choose production process; Color mode, Output format, & Template info
  4. Define fields for text, numbers, and graphics where positioned and in your choice of fonts and sizes

Template Designer also has a growing list of simple, yet advanced, features to tag lines for changes in:

  1. Fonts
  2. Point Sizes
  3. Colors
  4. Non-printing Space
  5. Justification
  1. Image Alignment Point
  2. Text Object Anchor Point
  3. Additional Characters
  4. Variable Data
  5. Logical Statements
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