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Order/Workflow Tracking

The® plant can notify the customer when the information will be available for an account set up on®.

For example, first thing in the morning the plant may enter all orders into their system that were received by FAX overnight and do an upload by 9:00 AM. Then the customer knows they can go online after 9:00 AM and make sure their orders were received without calling the plant's customer service department. The information can be accessed at a time that is convenient for the user and reviewed periodically during the course of the day for updates.

The user can access the status information from the Internet at any time after the plant's posting. They do not need to wait on hold for the customer service people to find the information for them. The customer service people are not tied up answering questions about order status and so are free to assist customers with other questions as they arise. Everyone is a winner with® order tracking!

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