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Sell Through System for Your Promotional Items Vendors

Broker Items are promotional products or other items commonly sold by distributors, such as coffee mugs, screen printed shirts, key fobs, etc. These products are not produced by our production facility. Orders placed on the site with layouts which are flagged as Broker Items, are sent directly to the Broker's email address. The Plant receives a confirmation that an order has been placed and is tracked on the broker's account.

This element of can also be used by printers who prefer to produce some of the products in their own plants while allowing to produce the business cards in our plant. For example, the printer may want to produce the letterhead and envelope orders and have produce the business cards, labels, and stamp orders.

The benefit to the end customer is a unified web site for all the broker's offerings. The Broker has a convenient vehicle to increase sales with minimum of overhead.

A nominal fee maybe charged for the addition of the broker item to the site. The distributor will then pay a processing charge for each order placed and sent to alternate vendors.

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