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Sell Through System for Your Vendor Partners

The 3rd Party Plant Assignment Option enables an outside 3rd party vendor to receive order emails directly on a layout specific basis.

The big difference between the Broker Item Option and this option is that with the 3rd Party Plant Assignment

Option the 3rd party vendors can:

  • Resend An Order
  • View Order History from their own 3rd Party Plant Account login.
  • A 3rd Party Order flows like this:

  • An order is placed on the site, with Layouts flagged as 3rd Party Plant items.
  • The order is sent directly to that plant's email address as a production order.
  • The Retailer receives a confirmation that an order has been placed.
  • The plant receives a confirmation that an order has been placed.
  • The advantage of the 3rd party plant option is that the broker can make additional items available for their customers to order. Because the orders are sent directly to the 3rd party plant, the Dealer/Printing Broker is not bothered with redirecting emails and files.

  • This is a great time saver for Brokers!
  • Paperwork is reduced too!
  • A complete in-depth order history of all the customers is maintained by the site for the Retailer. The 3rd Party Plant can to login to check orders, review order history, resend orders, run reports, etc. They are not able to place orders directly from their computers. Only the Retailer and have that power and authority.

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