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Template Designer Plug-in creates complex variable data templates

Depending how much or how little information is entered when a product is ordered, a sophisticated template can be programmed to function in an automatic fashion. The template can dynamically adjust the design and layout of the product.

A template can be programmed to be as foolproof as possible for even the most challenged user.

Logical Statements add dynamic abilities into a template.

For example:

1. If the line under the 1st Address line is blank,

2. then delete the space reserved for the 2nd Address line,

3. and move up the next line. This would make a solid block of text without any gap, i.e., Address line; City, State, Zip line. Logos, text and complete addresses can be placed as dropdown menu choices.

Logo art can be frozen in place.

This is an oversimplification of the possibilities. Almost anything can be controlled, regulated, or forced to enforce corporate identity design standards.

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