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User Defined Fields

The Five User Defined Field types are:

  1. Checkbox - This is a yes or no option to clarify options within the ordering process.
  2. Text Field - This field is filled with variable text to help explain various steps along the order process.
  3. Dropdown List - A dropdown list is a selection of data for the person ordering to choose from. There is also the option of a "blind" drop down list that can supply information such as shipping account numbers that will be passed to the production plant without being seen by anyone using the site.

  4. Validation List - This validates the data that is entered into the system during the ordering process. This data must be entered exactly as it is listed on the validation list. The list is not visible to the data entry person. This can be used to control the copy that is entered or as an additional password to protect the site from being used by unauthorized persons.
  5. Validation Rule - This validates that the required data is entered into the system. It ensures that the entries are formatted correctly, and that the user completes all the fields that are required by the company. It defines whether the characters should be alpha or numeric, etc.

All the information in the User Defined Fields becomes part of the order history. This history can be downloaded into other programs for reporting purposes. The information in these fields can be changed as needed to keep the® site current and up to date.

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