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Custom Art Upload With PerfectSend® then Preflight Files

Your files can be sent with fewer than three mouse clicks.

The PerfectSend® process includes the initial upload of an EPS, PDF, or Postscript file.

Once the upload is complete, a job queue is displayed. The job queue allows for monitoring the progress of the submitted file through the preflight process.

If the file fails the preflight process, a button is displayed that allows the user to view the specific error.

The preflight list of errors provides the customer with detailed information they need to correct the errors and resubmit. Common problems such as low resolution RGB graphics, missing fonts, unsupported formats, 16-bit graphics, and many more can prevent on-time delivery of jobs. Our preflight process of PerfectSend® is your assurance that your computer-generated art is perfect for print production! No more endless delays associated with files that do not contain all of the information, or inappropriate art files.

After the file is blessed by preflight, the order action buttons are displayed providing options for the file:

  • View an immediate, live, and on-screen proof of the file
  • Place the order or cancel the order process

This is a simple solution to prevent production and delivery delays associated with problematic customer supplied art files. No more costly calls with customer service and resubmission of digital art to resolve bad electronic customer files.

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