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Instantly notify users of important news with Special Instructions Screens

Special Instructions Screens are areas for Announcements, Optional Help, or Additional Information that can be assigned to the pages of the® web site.

For example, when a user logs in to your site during the holiday season, this window could be assigned to the Welcome Page:

The page can contain text, images, even animation!

These screens can be used to inform the user of any changes or new features to their account. A screen can serve as a reminder for a new process or inform of a policy change. The Special Instructions Screen may be placed as a pop-up window or a button to trigger a pop-up window. These screens can be updated or removed at any time.

Examples of Special Instructions Screen messages are:

  • Pricing change information.
  • Additional quantities are available.
  • Shipping options have changed.
  • Additional stocks have been added.
  • New fields are available on the order screen.
  • Reminders are needed for information that is required on each order.
  • Instructions are needed to help the user understand how to place an order.
  • Second side printing options can be displayed.
  • Logo choices can be displayed.
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