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Text Order File Upload

Text Order File Upload (TOFU) was designed to provide companies/corporations who have the need to place large numbers of orders at one time from an existing database or spreadsheet. As many as 200 orderes can be placed at one time.

By using your existing data from some popular applications, such as Access, Oracle, Act, FileMaker, or even Excel, a 1-click upload can be quickly made and uploaded to® for production.

All the tools you need are ready for you at®.

TOFU is an efficient method to convert existing data to the required format for faster order processing on®

  • TOFU is an order input tool designed for use with computer generated data files.
  • TOFU was not designed for use by the average end user.
  • TOFU reduces errors by eliminating the need to re-typeset your electronic files.

A TOFU template file is generated on the® site to be used as a pattern for creating a file that can be uploaded to®. Each file may contain up to 200 orders for the same layout. Each layout uses specific information in specific sequences. It is imperative that the formatting is followed precisely to ensure successful order processing and fulfillment.

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