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Why use® for your
Dealer or Print Broker business?

If less than 1% of your printing business is business cards, why print them?

Because you're a service business and you have to. It's your avenue to the other 99% of printing that makes up your bottom line. Business card sales can actually cost you more money in customer service time than they generate in margin.

Let® turn your lost leader into a profit generator.® is by far the easiest and fastest tool available for the Printing Dealer/Broker! All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Free your sales and service staff for more profitable jobs with®.® is a unique sales tool when prospecting for new customers too. When was the last time you could offer your customers a new service?

Contact Us today and we will connect you to your local® plant. Your local® representative can set up your business's web site branded with your logo and business name. Set your own prices. Then we can create subaccount web sites for your customers, branded and priced specifically for them. Offer your customers fast one-day turnaround on most orders too!® features:

  • Better customer retention; don't lose customers to direct online printing services.
  • Your customers can order 7/24, -- even after you're closed for the day.
  • Maintaining corporate identity on all clients stationery reorders is a snap!
  • Confident security -- your privacy is assured with the highest online encryption.
  • Fast streamlined online order entry process.

You support your customers. Your local® plant supports you like no one else, and we mean no one else, period!

More than just for business cards,® can also do letterheads, envelopes, rubber stamps, and promotional items. There are over 45 different items you can select! You can split orders as well. For example, you print the letterhead and let® print the business cards and NCR forms for you – whatever makes you the most profit and delivery schedule.

Because® is a dedicated trade printer, we are committed to protecting the integrity of distributorship-end user relationships.® is built to empower and support our Brokers and Dealers.® is a proven commercial solution. Unlike other Johnny-come-lately Internet direct-to-consumer printing outlets,® will never offer this proprietary solution to the general public.

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