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How does the® Shell Program speed the delivery of my Corporate Business Cards?

Your business benefits in four ways from running shells ahead of time:

  1. The basic cards are all pre-printed exactly the same at one time. The business card's colors and composition are set to the exact specification of the corporation.
  2. The cost of printing small quantities of cards goes down significantly because the shell cards will be priced at a higher quantity price.
  3. The cards are printed and shipped more quickly to the individual users because only one or two colors are normally required for the imprint information.
  4. One or two colors can typically be printed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of order. Special PMS colors can also be printed, but may take about one additional day.

When a company uses the shell program and®, an exact replica of the shell(s) will be put on their company's® website. Then when your company's personnel orders business cards or stationery, they will be able to see exactly how the finished product will look on their computer display for approval. All the variable information is entered into the system and is shown in the exact position and typestyles that will be used.

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