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Template Designer Plug-in Can Create Complex Variable Data Templates with E-com

The E-Com database application is the glue that binds the Template Designer to®. E-Com further defines the variable data fields and preps the template for upload to your® site. E-Com is an advanced plant level tool with too many other functions to review on this site.

For example, a field can be defined to force formatting rules on a phone number even if the information is entered incorrectly!

Formatting rules can also be enforced with our E-Com application. This reduces typographic errors when ordering.

For example:

  • A phone number can be entered in any fashion, such as 123-456-7890, 1234567890, or 123/456/7890, but it will always print on the business card as 123.456.7890.
  • Names can be forced to have initial caps, such as Mr. John Smith, even if entered as mr. john smith or Mr. John Smith.

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