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Try Our Online Demo is a customizable Web-2-Print eCommerce Website with a feature rich set of order workflow tools which include a robust workflow management system:

  • Every website is completely brand able
  • Brand consistency is enforced by variable form templates
  • Each template is designed to guide the customer intuitively through the order process
  • Upload logos into templates or upload print ready artwork utilizing realtime preflight analysis
  • Realtime online proof functionality: verify design before submitting order
  • Realtime payment/order status and shipment tracking
  • Order history reports with one click re-ordering functions
  • Facilitate order approval process through the order management system
  • Shipping costs can be calculated online
  • Various online payment methods: credit card processing, PayPal, purchase orders or monthly billing
  • Realtime inventory reports
  • Spend control management: assign credit limits and order authorization rules
  • Design from scratch online or customize design of your products online
  • Import orders from other MIS and B2B systems

Try these Demo Customer Sites Below:

Basic Ordering Site – streamlined ordering. Workflow options are managed by Workflow Management Site. This is what an end user might see when they go through the ordering process.
Workflow Management Site offers tools to configure and manage Basic Ordering Sites. This is what a print reseller may use or an administrator at the end user organization.
Basic Ecommerce-Enabled Site allowing shopping cart ordering, shipping cost estimation and online credit card authorization. This is an example of what an end user might see with a shopping cart enabled site that was set up by a print reseller.
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