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Credit Card Options

Three Secure Credit Card Transaction features are available with We use 128-bit SSL encryption to protect all credit card transactions placed through the web site.

1 - Off-line Credit Card Payment Option

The's Offline Credit Card Option was developed for Brokers and Dealers who do not have Internet Merchant Accounts to accept credit card payments online or who wants greater control on credit card payments. They use this feature to receive the necessary credit card information with each order via secure email to process credit card transactions off-line using regular Merchant account and credit card processing center e.g. through their own POS (Point Of Sale) systems or by means of telephone-based authorizatons. This is not a Real Time Electronic Transaction.

2 - Online Credit Card Payment Option

Broker and Dealers may set up an Internet Merchant Account with to process credit card payments online via the Internet. It allows to take the payment before the online order was completed.

For U.S. merchants, supports payment gateway.

For Canadian merchants, supports PSiGate payment gateway.

You can open the Internet Merchant Account in the bank of your choice. Up to 99% of U.S. and Canadian banks supported by these payment gateways. Please go to and PSiGate web sites for detail information and Internet Merchant account applications.

3 - Remote link to Existing Shopping Cart on another Server

Customers who have a shopping cart on another website may use a remote interface to link with the website. Multiple orders may be processed in real time with this option.



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