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Multi Level Account Details
  1. 2nd Level [Broker/Dealer] i.e., broker.
  2. 1st Level [Admin] ] i.e., Purchasing Manager.
  3. SubAccounts [belong to Admin] i.e., Supervisor.
  4. SubLevel Accounts [belong to Admin] i.e., Floor Sales Employee.

2nd Level Accounts are the management accounts for 1st Level [Admin] Accounts.

A 2nd Level account can:

  1. Review Order History.
  2. Generate Reports.
  3. Hold Orders placed by Admin Accounts for Review/Approval.
  4. Edit Pending.

Admin Accounts are used to place orders from or to manage SubAccounts.

Admin Accounts have access to:

  1. Special "administrative functions".
  2. Dropdown Management.
  3. Text Order File Upload Management (TOFU).

SubAccounts provide an organized method to control the order process on®. An Admin [1st Level] Account may include an unlimited number of SubAccounts. SubAccounts are created and maintained online by the Admin Account.

SubAccounts may be used to:

  1. Limit the items available for ordering.
  2. Hold orders for review.
  3. Authorize before releasing orders to production.

SubLevel Accounts offer an unlimited number of approval accounts. SubLevel accounts are also created and maintained online by the Admin Account. SubLevel Accounts are used only for approval of orders placed by a SubAccount.

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